St Frances
 One swallow completed.
 Working on the Raven.  Attempting to get feather texture through various cuts using sheet glass.
 One of the eighteen deaths head hawk moths.  They took quite a while to complete.  When grouted each moth will be adorned with an amber gem on its thorax.
 The most important part of a portrait, the eyes.  These have been mosaiced in gold leaf smalti.
 Its coming on, slowly but surely.
 I've used slivers of sheet stained glass on the hair to replicate the chest feathers of the raven.
 Working on St Frances' Halo using a combination of gold tiles.
 Ready to grout.  Masking off the face to grout in a paler grey than the background.
 The face is grouted.  It needs to now dry and be masked off so I can grout the background in an anthracite colour.
 All finished.
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