How Does Your Garden Grow? With Mosaic Flowers, Butterflies and Dragonflies!

We all love a colourful garden, but when waiting for flowers to blossom into life, or when the colours fade and die, and become more muted, what then?  

Becky Paton Mosaics has the answer!  I have created something exciting and vibrant to fill the gap. These permanently colourful mosaic flowers which never die and glisten in the light.

Mosaic flower - one of a variety of colours to choose from

I'm really excited about these flower mosaics; they are just so adaptable!  The colour combinations are endless, and they can be clipped onto branches or stakes in the garden, or even used inside to liven up indoor plants.  Different colours displayed together create a vibrant display. Check out the gallery below for some ideas.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if butterflies and dragonflies didn't fly away, but rested permanently on your plants so that you could admire their colours indefinetly.  Dream no more!  

Along with the flower range, my perfectly formed mosaic butterflies and dragonflies each carefully made by hand can easily be clipped to plant stalks and branches. I've always thought a whole bush covered in mosaic insects would look amazing!

All these items will be for sale soon on my website.  In the meantime if you fancy jazzing up your plantlife get in touch with me directly.